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TarK: Analysis of the development trend of digital wallets The wallet is the interface to connect the user and the blockchain, and is an important entrance for the real world to the blockchain world. From another point of view, the essence of the wallet is the private key management tool, which is closely relat... Jan 1 Dec 1
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The market is about to boom, are you ready? The token market has been chaotic for more than a year. During the year, the price of Bitcoin fell from 20,000 US dollars to less than 3,300 US dollars, from all eyes on you to falling from the altar. The major coins also fell its footsteps, fell and... Jan 1 Dec 1
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Tark wallet: there is no the safest, only the safer By the end of 2018, there were about 340 digital wallets worldwide. Due to differences in product form, private key storage mechanism, and integrity of data preservation, it may show different characteristics in different usage stages. These character... Jan 1 Dec 1
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AtoX: How to stand out in the flowers blooming After "the first year of the public blockchain" of 2018, the competition of the public blockchain in 2019 is particularly fierce, and this focus has shifted from technology to application. In the future, application and ecological constructi... Jan 1 Dec 1
Can you keep up with the pace of the fourth industrial revolution? People's Daily Overseas Edition published an article saying that the blockchain will be the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. The article said that the industrial ecology of China's blockchain was preliminarily formed. As of the end... Jan 1 Dec 1
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Blockchain + tourism, the brand new industry reform is attacking In this magical and transformative era, it is no exaggeration to say that if you fail to keep up with the situation, you may be ruthlessly abandoned. Because of this, at a time when emerging technologies emerge, many forward-looking visionaries will sei... Jan 1 Dec 1
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