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Posted on: Monday, 10 September, 2018  16:18
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Almost every person that I run across is not drinking enough water. Drinking enough water for your body is absolutely essential for weight loss. If you don’t have enough water, you are not going to get the weight loss results that you desire.

Proper water intake helps the kidneys to work at full capacity and when your kidneys are working the liver does not need to help out. If your liver has to help your body then it is not going to be focused on metabolizing fat in your body. It cannot do its job as well as what we would need it to do.

While some people don’t like to count water weight, water weight is still weight, that is often why you are bloated, and you notice your clothes are fitting too tightly. Remember that carbs are hydrophilic and this means they cause water retention. We do not want water to be retained! If you turn and look at protein, you are going to notice that it encourages water to be released from the body.

Restrict those carbs and you will start losing that stagnant water in your body. It just sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?

Drink the water. Avoid dehydration! Water is your body’s filter and flushes out dead cells and waste. When you are using The Fat Decimator System, you are going to need plenty of water to flush out the by-product waste of fat burning.

You are going to find that when you restrict the amount of carbs you eat and increase the amount of water you drink, your body no longer stores water and will start to use it properly. This means your body is going to be lighter and also cleaner.

8-10 glasses of water every single day will do your body good. That’s about half a gallon of water. This might seem like a lot of water to you in the beginning and you might have to force yourself to do this but it is very important. You will start to be thirsty again and thirst for this amount of water every day. Your body will stop retaining water and it will start flushing the **** out of your body so that you can function properly.

Dieting Essentials

The Fat Decimator System does require some essential supplements for maximum effectiveness and ultra-fast fat loss!

You will find the supplements that are required on the following pages. They are going to help your body run properly, help burn fat and will provide other health benefits.


Whether your health is good or bad is driven largely by the level of inflammation in your body as well as the amount of lean muscle mass you have. Some diseases, including obesity, are linked to inflammation as well as the lack of muscle mass.

Controlling the inflammation in your body is a must. You are able to effectively control the onset of many diseases including, but not limited to: heart disease, type II diabetes, depression, obesity and arthritis.

Over time, muscle mass decreases. This is especially true when we are not eating enough protein and are not exercising. The less muscle mass in our bodies, the more weight we gain. If you want to keep body fat down, up the level of lean mass you have.

Low levels of inflammation and high levels of muscle mass are great markers of a healthy body. We can keep our bodies young through proper nutrition and exercise so if you are thinking that you have to lose lean muscle mass because you are getting older – think again! We get old from the inside out. This is why you want to keep your inflammation down and keep up with regular exercise.

There is a reason these are called essential fatty acids, you guessed it – because they are essential! The human body is not able to make them itself so you have to ingest them. Once EFAs are broken down, they contribute to functioning of vital organs. EFAs regulate body functions and are essential to cardiac cells. Other functions linked to EFAs – blood pressure, heart rate, clotting, fertility, conception and the immune system functions.

Maybe you have heard of EFAs referred to as Omega-3’s or linolenic acid and Omega-6’s or linoleic acid. These are musts whenever you want to lose weight. There are two major forms of omega-3 fats used by the body and those are EPA = eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA = docosahexaenoic acid.

Research reports that a person who keeps a high diet in Omega-3’s is at a lower risk of **** diseases. It is also reported that EFA’s may help with reduction of depression and suicidal feelings.

How does this help your diet? Remember that energy is generated in the cells during the metabolism of these acids. This will help your metabolism keep running and burning extra carbs that are stored as fat.

Fish oil also has other benefits, such as:

• Reduces inflammation

• Eliminates joint pain

• Improves vision

• Increases mental focus

• Treats ulcers, Chron’s Disease, and colitis

• Provides healthier gums

• Gives you smoother skin, hair and nails

• Decreases triglyceride levels

• Increases daily calorie burn

Using EPA/DHA supplements for 30 days will allow you to feel the true difference. EPA/DHA balance should be 2:1. Other research shows the best amount is around 2g EPA to 1g DHA each day. Most fish oils on the market would require that you take 10 each day or 5 teaspoons or straight fish oil. This sounds like a lot but you need these levels to get your body to behave in the manner you desire. http://tinyurl.com/y9shhgkw »

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